Wednesday, March 31, 2010

...For The Ride Home: Jesse James goes into sex rehab and Matt Damon will appear on "30 Rock"

Because David Gray continues to ring loud through the head. We hear there may just be some people who read this particular blog, however new it may be to your conscious. Don't be afraid to check out our Twitter page, and follow us, however creepy that may sound. Saw "Up In The Air" for the second time last night. Like Xtina, it just keeps getting better. Onward and upward.

Keep the video game content coming. How NBA Jam was allowed back into your homes. (Kotaku)

Excellent read on the most popular criminal of our time. Dude's 18, and he's stolen four airplanes. (Maxim)

Matt Damon will appear on "30 Rock." (Entertainment Weekly)

The next step after hiring Tim Floyd at UTEP? Fire him. (CBS Sports)

Because sex addiction is the new hotness: Jesse James checks himself in. (People)

For all the single ladies, the most beloved single lady of them all: Jennifer Aniston loves Ricky Gervais and Drew Barrymore. (The Huffington Post)

Jon and Kate (who really needs to ditch the long hair). Together again? (Eonline)

Can the Ipad save journalism? (Newsonomics)

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