Tuesday, March 30, 2010

...For The Ride Home: Don't forget about Amy Ryan, John Nolan comes back to Taking Back Sunday and CNN is in trouble

In honor of Jennifer Morrison being interviewed on Jimmy Fallon last night, we thought a good question to post in today's ...For The Ride Home would be one of high importance: Does she look better with blond hair? The way she was talking last night, though, getting caught up on "House" is becoming more and more mandatory. In other things learned last night, if you are interested in meeting said woman, your chances may increase if you tweet her. And, well, live in New York.

Conan O Brien is getting ready for his tour. (Twitter)

A great read and listen on one of the most underrated actresses in the universe, Amy Ryan. (NPR)

If Anderson Cooper and Larry King's ratings are down, you know CNN is in trouble. (New York Times)

Lisa De Moraes may be the best tounge-in-cheek writing the Washington Post has: "We, however, like to think of it as a much hotter "Ice Road Truckers." (Washington Post)

For fans of "The Office." (Schrute Farms)

To avoid history, the New Jersey Nets beat...The Spurs? And earlier in the year, they beat...The Celtics? (ESPN)

John Nolan is coming back to Taking Back Sunday. (Alternative Press)

A different take: The financial fallout of Ricky Martin coming out of the closet. (Wall Street Journal)

It's already been 25 years. Can you believe it? (Popmatters)

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